• Creamy Milkless Chocolate
  • Creamy Milkless Chocolate
Creamy Milkless Chocolate
Hello Creamy, goodbye dairy!

A deliciously velvety, melt-in-the-mouth, (not-in-the-fingers) milk-style chocolate bar that will surely satisfy your choco-craving.

It's smooooooth.

70 g

Ingredients: cane sugar, cacao beans, cacao butter, coconut, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, Bourbon vanilla. May contain traces of hazelnut, almonds, and pistachio.

  100g  70g 
Energy  2356kJ / 566kcal 1649kJ / 396kcal
Fat   37.9g 26.5g
of which saturates  24.9g 17.4g
Carbohydrate  48.1g 33.7g
of which sugars  45.7g 32g
Protein  4g 2.8g
Salt  0g 0g
Fiber  7.5g 5.3g

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