Our Delicious Vegan Chocolate

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The Choco Care Pack!

Send a FREE bar of chocolate to someone you love (including you).

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It's milk chocolate - without the milk.

What if we told you we've found a way to make unbelievably creamy chocolate without using dairy.

It's true - we've created the creamiest, most velvety milk-style vegan chocolate ever. In a way like nobody's ever done it before. Oh, and it's all organic too.

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Ooh, it’s organic!

We care for what you put into your body. Honestly, we didn't only focus on substituting cow's milk for a much healthier coconut butter (you even put it on your skin and hair, don't you?).

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We dont do refined sugars.

'Refined' may sound cunningly, yet these sugars are bad for you; not to mention they're also addictive. So we ditched them too, replacing them with their good-willed sisters; raw cane and coconut blosom sugar.